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Meet our team of friendly, knowledgeable, experienced

practitioners and administrative professionals.


Dr. Martin is a board-certified family physician and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Medical Association, and American Academy of Family Physicians. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and completed his residency at the University of Iowa. Dr. Martin has trained with some of the nation’s leading physicians in Laser Aesthetics, SmartLipo, Portrait Plasma, Joint Pain Treatments and more. His unique practice combines his knowledge base as a family physician in dealing with patient health issues, weight management, wellness promotion, and dermatological issues, in addition to providing the latest in technological advances in the field of medical aesthetics. Dr. Martin and his wife, Viann, reside in Lincoln. When they aren’t in the office, they’re outdoors landscaping and working on their home. They love spending time with their daughter Erin, her husband Dusty, and their son Max, son Ben, and grandson Izayah.

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Dr. Benjamin Martin is a general practitioner with nearly 60 years of experience. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha and his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He is licensed to practice medicine in Nebraska and Iowa, with a specialty in Family Medicine. Dr. Martin has worked as a physician in Pender, NE and the surrounding northeast Nebraska communities. He also served as a medical director in various long-term care and assisted living facilities. He is a board-certified family physician and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Martin and his wife Regina have 10 children, 34 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren. He loves golfing, fishing, gardening, reading, and being outdoors.


Stacy is recognized for her expertise when it comes to aesthetic laser procedures and cosmetic injectables. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bryan College of Health Sciences. She possesses advanced certifications for Botox and Juvéderm products. She is a Certified Laser Technician, Aesthetic Consultant, and Skin Care Specialist. She also holds certifications in sclerotherapy and stem cell harvesting and isolation techniques. Stacy believes in delivering extraordinary patient care with realistic and natural outcomes. She has a genuine compassion towards her patients and educates to offer the best opportunities for enhancement of appearance and self-confidence. Stacy and her husband Casey have one son, Karter. They enjoy going on vacations and spending time outdoors.

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Molly works closely with Dr. Benjamin Martin in family practice. She is passionate about her patients and providing the best care. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bryan College Health Sciences. Molly and her husband Evan have two daughters, Addy and Olivia. They enjoy family time and being active outdoors.

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Nikki works closely with Dr. Michael Martin and assists him in Aesthetic procedures. She received her associate degree in Medical Assisting from Southeast Community College. Nikki and her husband Drew have one daughter, Cora. They enjoy traveling, family time, and being active outdoors.

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Jamie specializes in Coolsculpting treatments and designing customized weight management programs for our patients. She received her associate degree in Medical Assisting from Southeast Community College. She holds advanced certifications in laser technologies and is certified through Coolsculpting University for body contouring. Jamie and her husband Steve have four children. They enjoy outdoor activities, camping, and crafts.

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Carrie is our patient coordinator, ensuring that each patient has the best experience, as she is the first and last point of contact in our office. She guarantees the privacy and accuracy of all clinical information of each patient. Carrie and her husband spend a lot of time on their family farm and traveling for their son Jake’s MotoX races.

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Edie handles patient financing and insurance billing. She attended Omaha College of Health Careers. Edie and her Husband Kevin enjoy riding their Harley motorcycles, hiking, biking, and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

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Viann manages our practice and continually strives for opportunities to grow and provide the latest advanced technologies. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Baylor University. Viann and her husband Michael moved to Lincoln to open their practice in 2000. They enjoy being outdoors, landscaping, gardening, and spending time with family. They have a daughter Erin, son Ben, and grandsons Izayah and Max.

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Erin works in the Biology Lab, isolating and preparing Stem Cells for Dr. Martin’s Stem Cell procedures. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has trained with the nation’s leading Stem Cell Specialists. Erin and her husband Dusty live in Lincoln, where they enjoy fitness, cooking, blogging, traveling, and being outdoors. They enjoy being new parents to their son, Max.




You Can Trust

SouthPointe Medical & Aesthetics offers break-through and affordable treatments for excellent results. We develop a solution that is customized to fit your lifestyle. Our qualified physicians and staff have trained with renowned leaders in the fields of laser aesthetics, non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, joint pain treatments, and more. We believe in providing honest and ethical patient care with realistic outcomes. 

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